Saturday, December 14, 2013

12/15/2013 flight cancelled

Hi Guys,

  CANCEL our Fly-In to HESPERIA (L26) this Sunday. That airport must be a

  I've been watching a few weather websites and they all predict HIGH WIND
WARNINGS. Not good for L26 with one runway and it's a rather short without
much room to maneuver in case you get an unexpected high gust.

  I was considering Riverside as an alternate, but Ontario and March AFB,
both are close to Riverside, are also forecasting high winds. No use in
pushing our luck. There's always another day to do a fun Fly-In.

  Also 3-4 people who called me BEFORE this email said were not coming

  So another scrub for L26.

  Maybe we'll try L26 or maybe Chiriaco Summit on the third Sunday of next
month, Jan 19.

  Which would you guys prefer, Hesperia (jinxed) or Chiriaco Summit L77)?

  I'll info everyone when I get feed-back from you guys. Thus far two pilots
want to give Hesperia another go... maybe just to break the jinx.

  It's our San Diego winter time so this variable weather shouldn't be a big
surprise. Can't complain though... look at the East Coast.

  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone.

Tony Tex