Sunday, November 17, 2013

Hesperia on 12/15/2013

Hi Guys,

  Boy, did I get sucked in by yesterday's forecast for the Sun, Nov 17th
Fly-In to Hesperia. I know a few of also cancelled due to the forecast for
low clouds and gusty winds along the route, so join the club. It turned out
to be a decent day. However, in view of that, there were broken 4-5000'
broken clouds over Ontario and some 25-30 knot wind gusts at Hesperia. So
maybe it was best we didn't push our luck.

  OK, on Sun, Dec 15th we'll try another flight to Hesperia (L26) for brunch
at the Mile High Café. It's our "winter" months so let's hope the WX will

  My cell will be on until around 0945 lift off for any last
minute changes.

  Best of clear skies and tail winds.

  Tony Tex

Saturday, November 16, 2013


Hi Guys,

  NO GO for our Hesperia (L26) Fly-In tomorrow. Our "winter" is still great
compared to other places.

  Some mid-level ceilings with some rain on the route to L26, not to mention
the gusty winds which doesn't make for a fun Fly-In flight.

  We'll give L26 another shot on Dec 15th.

Tony Tex