Sunday, April 21, 2013

2013-04-21 Cable

Hi Guys,

  We couldn't ask for a better CAVU day for our Fly-In to Cable (CCB) on
Sunday, April 21st.

  Seven people in four planes made this Fly-In.

  Kurt & Linda in a Bonanza from SEE, Dennis in a RV3 from SDM, Gary & John
in a 172 from MYF and Jim & Tony in a 337 also from MYF.

  Initially at MYF it was 1/4 mile vis and 100' ceiling but it cleared to
CAVU early and everyone was off the deck by 1000. En route it was also CAVU
all the way to CCB.

  We had planned to have brunch outside in the patio at maniac-Mikes Café',
but the locals beat us to it. However, Kurt & Linda got there early and
saved us seats inside the café.

  Just outside the café, they staged a mock western shoot-out. Something new
at CCB.

  After the a few aviation stories like, "There I was inverted at 200' on
short final," we decided the next Fly-In will be to Pomona (POC) on Sunday,
May 19th.

  Flying back to the SAN area it stayed CAVU and was another great flight
back home and an ending to a great Fly-In with fellow pilots.

I will be available via cell until around 0945 lift off for any last minute changes.

  Best of clear skies and tail winds.

Tony Tex